Wednesday, January 27, 2010

she made some magic....

ooooh! lights, camera, action... the bohhemian regrets she didn't take the prerequisite "before" picture. this is truly a bare and empty space...kind of like a grade school cafeteria stage in the olden days (back when the bohemian was in grade school in an old outdated wooden building). so they put up curtains and lights and glitz and glam and.... voila! they're in hollywood at an awards ceremony! our bohemian was given cardboard tubes and instructed to "make marble columns". uhhum. never having marbled anything but paper, which you lay into the marbling, our bohemian was a bit stumped. she painted the tubes with 3 tones of brown. yuck. so she layered on some beige glaze. better. and then the magic happened again... the gold! oh! the gold just made it happen! she was very happy with how they turned out. hollywood background plastic... a little glittery skirting... mmmmm. yes. it's all coming together! then look who showed up to show off her pearls!!! and look who ELSE showed up! oh, it was shagalicious!!! a favorite quote: "i love my life, that's why i decorate it". yep, that's true. i LOVE decorating and had a blast doing it. i hope you decorate your life with the things you love. more of the tale tomorrow... about the creating... and about the awards night... tee hee...


  1. That really turned out fantastic. And I LOVE that quote!

  2. Wow, crafty magic! Good for you!