Monday, February 14, 2011

Crafters' Retreat: A Tale of Hats Galore...

At the Mad Hatter party, there were hats galore! Tall hats, such as this one belonging to the Mad Hatter himself... small paper hats, (this one made by the bohemian) with magic numbers hidden underneath; magic numbers which allowed the recipient to win wonderful, lovely prizes from the Wonderland Garden... the bohemian's favorite one was this orange one she had made from the quilty ladies' scrap bags. but, alas, it went home with someone else... (another paper hat made by the bohemian) There was the White Queen's Hat, which fell into the auction. There was the Red Queen's Hat, which also fell into the auction ( and went home with Yours Truly, the bohemian!!) There was this lovely, feathery hat...complete with optional mask. There was a velour and lace hat with buttons stolen from the Hatter and glued around the rim. This hatter stole hearts from the decorations in the windows of the dining room to use as earrings...OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! There was a wonderful, wacky Dr.-Suess-like hat of fuzzy lime green and gauzy purple... and a red heart tea party hat... with red roses profusely blooming around the front... and even some dangly jangly Alice jewelry. There was Alice her own self... and Mad Hatter socks... belonging to a Mad Hatter (don't worry...only the bohemian in disguise). Party-goers galore wore their best ever Wonderland dresses... did this particular Alice and Mad Hatter. There, in the orange team row...there was an orange-flavored Mad Hatter! and orange-flavored Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They promptly got up into the Garden and played a rousing game of croquet! There were clever little pink hats on the heads of the pink team. which matched wonderfully with their pink-striped socks. The red team had their very own Red Queen! Oh my! There were TWO Red Queens!! It's a wonder anyone got out of there with their heads still attached!! And the Red Queen's Knave of Hearts with her pink flamingo croquet mallet. In marched the Red Queen's minions to do her evil bidding...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!! And the blue team became a whole gang of Tweedles! and played a very MEAN game of croquet in the Wonderland Garden. This was only one night of the festivities taking place during the bohemian's Crafters' Retreat. A smattering more will be shown, so as to let you experience vicariously the rambunctious fun that was had by all. Stay tuned for the Mad Hatter's tea party. And don't be late!! feathery hat wishes and mad, mad love to you all....


  1. Oh my goodness how fun! I adore your socks. :)

  2. Y'all went ALL out--how clever and creative you all are!