Monday, February 14, 2011

wonderland cups

the bohemian mod podged (oh yes! a real word. do you have a better one?) a variety of cups and saucers for the Wonderland retreat. they were used as table decorations, then auctioned off during the live auction on the last day of the retreat. this one (above) was the Hatter cup with fabric-covered spools and the Mad Hatter himself. this is the Tweedledee and Tweedledum cup. The teapot and the Knave of Hearts cup... The White Rabbit cup... side view: the White Rabbit cup... the Alice cup... (the bohemian's favorite... her sister won the bid on this one!) side view: Alice cup... straight on view: the Tweedles... side view: the Hatter cup... closer view: Hatter cup the Red Queen cup... the Bohemian has a great time making these and was so happy with how they all turned out. She will definitely be making more in the future. hmmm... easter cups... mother's day cups... 4th of July...etc...etc...etc.... ...glue and paper red heart wishes to all and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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