Thursday, February 10, 2011

the days spent in wonderland...

a drive and a ferryboat ride away, there is a mystical land beside the sea. there is an old fort there from bygone days. and every year, a group of crafty ladies descend upon the place for a few days of crazy fun. the bohemian traveled away on a tuesday in the sunshine along with a small group of her lovely friends to this magical place beside the sea... there were glimpses of some unusual but familiar characters... and there, in that empty old theater building, something magical began to happen... lights began to twinkle in the dark! and a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland appeared... there sat a wondrous tea party in the midst of a magical garden, where the flowers even had faces!!! and a cat's mischievous face hovered, grinning, although it was unsettling when there seemed to be no body to go with it! and there, off to one side sat a royal red throne.... oh my! it was all sooooo inviting!!! and a hint of some mad, mad character who had left his hat sitting...would he be back? what a marvelous hat!!! and baskets of goodies appeared for each and every lady who came to create fabric and paper wonders galore... the bohemian at once spread her craft things out to begin the magic..... she hopes you also have your magic supplies laid out and are ready to play! she'll be back with more wonders of wonderland soon..... mad, mad wishes and tea cup love to you.

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  1. How lovely and festive...must have gotten your creative juices flowing! Looking forward to seeing your creations.