Friday, November 16, 2012

autumn wonders:

the bohemian loves looking out her kitchen window this autumnal time of the year. this lovely tree (which she guesses is a sumac?) does the most fantastic things throughout the seasons! but in fall... O in fall, it announces its flamboyancy! the colors in the picture are muted as the bohemian tried to snap pictures through the window without going out into the cold dampness.  cowardly, yes...

and as she watched through the window, a flock of sapsuckers came to feast on the special treats the tree was providing!

and what they were after were these blood-red berries clustered and hanging from each limb...
(yes, the sky was this awful bleached-out, bruised color... it can be depressing at times. but. then. there's this wonderful tree... !!)  the bohemian LOVES the starburst shape of these berry clusters!

the berries look black but they are this deep, rich, purply-red  color. they look spectacular on their pink stems, don't they?  the sapsuckers sure love them!  the bohemian got such a kick out of watching them teeter on these slender stems and hang upside down trying to get to the berries! such entertainment!  it made the bohemian laugh for days...  
then there's the bohemian's BEST entertainment!!!  this is her little pumpkin, AKA the fairy grandchild.
...and who just happens to LOVE the little orange pumpkins from the fairy grandmother's garden!!  * * *  here's wishing you bright orange pumpkin wishes and hopes for yummy pumpkin pie coming your way soon!!


  1. lovely post. Autumn always inspires me too. And... I often take pictures 'through' the window!! It IS too wet and cold to go out there somedays!!

  2. Oh, how wonderful: that tree and those sapsuckers! What a gift. AND the pumpkins, both human and vegetal. Lovely!