Friday, November 30, 2012

to town with the girls...

it was such a fine autumn day, almost winter, in fact....
the bohemian girls went to town... drama queen auntie & the fairy grandchild...
the beautiful mama (and the elfling brother... he got stuck going with the girls...)
they had so much fun window shopping. it's an art, you know, window shopping is...
and O MY GOSH!  there were balloons!!!
and a gelato shop... with a mermaid!
and the fairy grandchild got a magic look through the drama queen auntie's rose colored glasses!
and at the best-bookstore-in-the-world, the auntie read stories to the fairy grandchild in the very best drama queen voice!
the bohemian LOVED this monochrome pattern which God painted on the sidewalk tiles using...
His very own fall leaves, which were brilliant in their colors!!!
and then the street lights came on and it was time to head for home, and the comfort of the cottage, warmed by the fire in the woodstove, and lit with the party lights that the bohemian leaves on all year round.  sending you party-light-wishes and hoping rosy-colored-glasses-kind-of-hopes for you, as november turns into december and the christmas magic begins.

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  1. WHAT a sweet post--the look of sheer joy and delight in the photo with balloons is priceless! A very fun day!