Saturday, November 17, 2012

morning pages:

the new "morning pages" book:

a september page... the bohemian wiped out a large portion of two months with this headache that mounted and receded, like an ocean tide, and which made it hard to plan to do anything. but she's ALWAYS grateful that this is the only thing she is struggling with right now.  she  knows many others who are being challenged with much worse things!!!

and the rains finally came, late into the fall...

and there are always things to be grateful for! the bohemian likes to list these blessings and gifts, to remind her of how blessed she really is. and to remind her to pray for all those not as fortunate...

thanksgiving blessings are earnestly wished for you and yours this holiday season. may God bless you richly! don't forget to "count your blessings. name them one by one.. and it will surprise you what the Lord has done".
the bohemian would love to hear what's on your gratitude list! linger and leave a comment. she would love that....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


  1. what a delightful post--- except for the headache part!! yucky. But I love these pictures you posted. Did you make those little book pages? How clever!! I am thankful for many many things and plan soon to do a post with a list of as many things as I can think of! watch for it. :)

  2. On my list: a clear mammogram; my sweet husband; my dog and her always wagging tail; freshly baked bread; the smell of rain on concrete; my mom still being with me and in good health...the list goes on and on! In a nutshell, I'm grateful to be happy, healthy, loved, and blessed with all good things!