Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a flurry of january...

here in bohemia, january is rushing by in a flurry, very few of which are actually snow flurries.
there is a flurry of birthdays... a mother's, a daughter's, a daughter-in-law's, an adopted mother's, a father's, a sister-in-laws. there's a flurry of activity... helping the royal sister get her house in order in preparation of a back surgery, the stamping exchange group, the once-a-month stamping group (and their crafting retreat coming in just a few weeks!!! woo hoo!), a baby shower for a coming grandchild, a tea party for the royal daughter turning 30 (she's aghast!).
there's a flurry of activity in preparing for their annual crafter's retreat that comes along every february. it starts at the end of january this year. that's only a few weeks away! eek! there's so much to be done!
the bohemian is supposed to have 2 shadow boxes, 2 sets of cards, and a box of tags made for the silent auction.  2 shadow boxes are done. she will post pics soon when she reveals the theme for this years weekend by the ocean...crafting for 4 days...all day and into the night...with costumes and prizes... and lovely handmade items to purchase from the silent auction... and deer grazing right outside the door...  but for now, fuzzy warm winter wishes to all!

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  1. Wow, you ARE busy! All those birthdays...in my family there is a string of August birthdays. And another grandchild? Congratulation!