Thursday, January 3, 2013

one last final party...

the bohemian managed to stretch her christmas celebration out over a week and a half or so...  the last of the parties was at her sister's home by the bay. the bohemian's royal sister decorates even more than the bohemian does!! here is the fairy grandchild absolutely mesmerized by her royal aunt's windowseat presentation:
of course the fairy grandmother was the naggy rule enforcer: don't touch! don't touch! (the bohemian hates that part of the grandmothering job... she was always the "toucher" herself. even NOW that she's grown!)

and then the delightful fairy child serenaded everyone with piano "music" and songs that she made up herself. sitting there on the piano bench like a big girl, in her silver sparkly party dress...

and the fairy boychild, the bohemian's little elfin boy... he got his share of partying done. but the fairy grandmother did a very poor job of capturing his charming drooley smiles.

this morning in bohemia was chilly and white! not white with snow but white with sparkly frost!  and you can bet she kept the woodstove burning full blast all day!!  and with some tiny bit of mourning and pouting, she took the nativities down and put out all her snow people. don't get her wrong! she LOVES her snow people. but she always has a pang putting her nativities away for a whole 'nother year.
so tonight her kitchen windowsill looks like this. notice the "party lights" stay in place and turned ON!

newly purchased magical snowflakes!
so a  new year has come along and the bohemian is wishing you THE BEST year. ever. may peace, love, and hope come to shed sparkle and magic in your heart this coming year. don't forget to play!!!

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  1. They are little angels! So cute...and happiest of new years to you--all good things!