Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it's the day after christmas...

it's the day after christmas and all through her house...
not a creature is stirring, not even her spouse (back to work he went... bummer).
her house is quiet and full of peace,
and she is all snuggled down under her fleece.

"Yule Log" is quietly playing a song (with its faux woodfire burning),
while the bohemian softly hums along.
the previous two days were filled with fun,
table-full of family and feasts, all done.

it was such a joy to have her fairy grandchild there
playing wildly, loudly, or softly with care;
grown children with spouses all gathered around,
reminiscing with shouts and laughter, beloved sound.

but this day after christmas, she's just soaking it up,
christmas blessings abounding, overflowing her cup.

she's hoping for you that the same will be true
and wishing a barrel-load of happiness to you...
(corny but true... o so true!!)


  1. clapping my hands in delight--- we both posted poems the day after Christmas, about the day after Christmas== our opening lines nearly identical. how fun is that!

  2. So clever! Happy New Year to you and yours!