Tuesday, December 11, 2012

deeper into december...

well! blogger is having its way with the bohemian today!!! this is where it insists that her words must go!  so... here are some more christmas advent calendar squares. the christmas lights are on to ward off the piercing-cold-but-yet-not-snowing rainy day.  dirty clothes are washing themselves in the magic washer (think about it as if you were a poor village woman in africa!). vegie soup is going onto the woodstove to simmer through the afternoon hours.  satellite is bringing christmas music into the living room of the cottage.  the cat family is well-fed.  the wood pile is full.the bohemian is well content. and she hopes from the bottom of her heart that you are too!  sending bright wishes full to the brim of holiday cheer and happiness.  hope you find time to play today.


  1. you paint a lovely picture there my bohemian friend! Hard to believe that in just two more days i will be trading in my warm jacket and socks for sandals and shorts! but for this day, hugging the woodstove sounds perfect.

  2. I love the one with the tree and the star...lovely!