Monday, December 3, 2012

on the 3rd day of december...

ho hum. rain some more. makes it hard for the bohemian to get into the holiday spirit. well, that, and the nastiest of nasty cold/flu bugs, which IS really bugging her!!  but everyone she knows has suffered through it. so she will too. and be ever so grateful for the multitude of comforts she has with which to baby herself through it. short list: nyquil, tea, warm house, DRY house, comfy bed/chair/couch (whichever angle at which she gets relief), chicken soup, fuzzy blankets, warm slippers... oh. she did say "short" list, didn't she...

3rd day square of advent calendar

snowmen. she just happens to adore snowmen. she has a great collection of snowmen, which come out just after the christmas stuff gets taken down and put away.  she puts them out because she can't bear the emptiness of the house after all the decorations are gone.  she's not sure why she loves snowmen so much.  she certainly doesn't live in a snowy place. although there is a snow-covered mountain about an hour away from her house.  she never goes up there anymore. her fibromyalgia makes it so that she can't bear the cold...
the bohemian cottage in the snow
but if and when... when it DOES snow... when those first few flakes come floating down... well, she just gets up and does the happy dance!!  it's absolutely magical!
snowflakes fascinate her! she has cut them out of paper every year since she can remember! still! to this day! and she pours over mr. bentley's snowflake pictures every year  in amazement and wonder. what an incredible thing that happens to water in the freezing air!

and around her house there are a few snowflakes that seem to get left up through the year... this one is in her kitchen. because it's pink and red. and her kitchen is pink and tan.  and she made this one with her children when they were small.  you know the kind... that you put all the little plastic pellets in the metal frame and bake it in the oven. and watch the magic...  she's pretty sure she was more thrilled than the kids were.

and, of course, her favorite tree at the holiday show is always the one with SNOWFLAKES all over it!!

may all your snowy wishes come true and may you experience that magical peace that steals over you when the snow flakes fall.  even if you live in a desert place and your flakes are made of paper! she hopes you are enjoying the holiday season to the max!

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  1. Hope you're feeling better. I haven't gotten into the Christmas spirit just yet, but I feel it coming on!