Sunday, December 2, 2012

the second day of december...

it's rainy in bohemia today.  and the bohemian and her prince are sick with the curse of the creepy crud.   but there's a fire in the woodstove and outside the window the raindrop are sparkling like diamonds on the rose bush branches in the dull gray light...
square #2 on the advent calendar
day two... a day to ponder pairs of things. mated things. the feelings pairs of things evoke...

for example: swans are the most magical of all birds. alone, all by themselves, they are magical. yet a pair of swans are the most romantic pair of things (besides champagne and chocolate, of course!). feelings of peace and serenity and a longing for such grace... that's what the bohemian feels when she watches swans.  and add a few baby swans! warm fuzzies by the truck load for sure!!

a pair of old world arches on a building in russia.  the bohemian was somewhat awestruck simply by the age and history around her there. but she's so fascinated by arches! she took way too many pictures of architectural arches while she visited... each one so different from the others!  awestruck... that's how she felt.

oh yes, MORE warm fuzzies!! a pair of soft, warm, fuzzy kittens with their little motors purring up a storm. is there anything more full of the feeling of contentment?! 
a pair of lattes... hot, creamy, artsy...  this is the symbol of fellowship, heart-to-heart talks, companionship, friends... lingering over the last sip of cream in the bottom of the cup. sweet happiness.
and a pair of hand-made christmas tags...  wishing the recipients the peace of christmas. that peace of the baby Jesus. that peace of the snow softly falling and blanketing the earth in serene silence. that peace of having all your grown children gathered safely together in your home... even noisy, wild, love-filled peace counts,  you know!!  wishing so much snowflake peace and fuzzy warm love to everyone at  this blessed magical time of year.   

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  1. A lovely post...the lattes and the kittens, ahhh!