Wednesday, January 16, 2013

won't you come to tea?

oh! hello! come right on in! it's a birthday party tea for the drama queen daughter...  LOVE your party duds!
would you like to choose a party hat to go with your gown/tux? and maybe you would like to wear a pair of silky gloves?

a bite of decadent filthy rich chocolate truffle cake? perhaps?

oh yes, we certainly  DID invite Zena Princess Warrior!  and don't you just adore her party hat!

find a comfy place on the gilded, butterfly chiffon-covered couches...  don't you love the drama queen's sarong she hung on the wall? it's one of the most gorgeous sarongs the bohemian has ever seen.  and she's seen a lot of them! never one as breath-taking as this one. she has a wee bit of sarong-envy over it...

choose a dainty tea cup in sherbet-y colors. and would you fancy a soft corn muffin with whipped honey spread lavishly all over it?

maybe you are actually hungry. was that your tummy the bohemian heard rumbling?  carrot-ginger soup or creamy tomato soup?

precious tea cups, dark, rich chocolate, frosted cupcakes and dessert wine?  yes, please!!

oh yes! it was all as wonderfully scrumptious as it looked!!!  happy 30th birthday dear drama queen daughter! the bohemian is sending you yummy new year wishes and jasmine tea hopes for many delectables to come your way...


  1. Cake, please? FedEx would be happy to deliver some to me and my tummy! Looks like a fun time was had by all! Xena looks fetching in that hat.

  2. Quite the party! I'm with Sherri...FedEx delivers here!