Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BLUE christmas...

our bohemian awoke to depths of fluffy white outside and her pink windowsill angel giggling mischievously. and since our bohemian cowered in her cozy house, all the pictures she took of the lovely stuff through the cottage windows turned out BLUE! oh please don't go already...!!!! the ginkgo tree danced the shimmy in the wind once again but there were no twirling leaves this time! the songbird cafe was closed due to the weather...oh but it was all so lovely to look at!!!! here are some more of the christmas trees from the tree festival.... this purple and white tree was soooo beautiful... it took the bohemian's breath away and put a little ache in her heart. beauty always does that to her. and THIS tree was so over the top!!! a peacock tree! and a lovely teal and green tree with christmas birds perched in it...i'm sure they are love birds!! another nativity set...against a lovely white background. here's wishing you the joy that arrives like floating snowflakes and puts that quiet peace in your heart. may your coming days be merry and bright!

1 comment:

  1. The "blue" photos are incredible! What a lovely accident. And while it may be over the top I totally love the peacock tree!