Thursday, December 10, 2009

three more days of christmas...

it is so cold here right now!!! see how the bohemian's mountain glistens in the darkening daylight.... another of the bohemian's nativities... this one sits beside the christmas tree. ( hand-carved in south america) day 8 of the advent calendar: MEMORIES the stemware is a special holiday item, collected from olden times. okay, it's just holiday glasses from Arby's... 99 cents with a drink. None of the Arby's near the bohemian's village even do this anymore. the bohemian and her kids used to pop in a couple of times at christmastime every year and collect them. her collection has shrunk from a dozen to 9 over the years but she's never afraid to let kids use 'em! fancy glasses the kids can drink from.... yeah, that was the whole idea! day 9: CANDLES okay, this isn't a candle but it IS a candle holder! and the star beside it pokes into the candles to "shine" over the nativity. cool, huh? day 10: CHRISTMAS TREE this is the bohemian's tree this year. ooooo! sparkly! (LOVE my LED lights!!!) another nativity on/in the bohemian's tree. it plugs into the light string and slowly turns different colors. ( i love this one) see how frozen the meadow is below the bohemian's kitchen windows!!! the bohemian thanks God for her woodstove and fuzzy blankets. here's wishing you toasty toes and warm woolen mittens... unless of course you live in the warm south! then you are wished twinkly lights and chirstmasy sunsets galore....


  1. Wow, that picture of the tree almost looks as if it's painted with pretty.
    We're not getting our tree until the weekend so it's still a bit blah around here (eucalyptus wreath on the front door, though).

  2. Brrrrrrr! It looks very chilly at your house!

    Yay for multicolor tree lights! That's what I've got too although mine aren't the fancy LED ones. :)