Thursday, December 3, 2009

it's the 3rd day of christmas...

and brrrrrrr! a cold one it is! even though there are more clouds today, it just might snow here in bohemia... the bohemian's advent calendar calls for NATIVITIES today... and these our bohemian has in great abundance! this little cross stitch was one of the bohemian's first cross stitch projects, even back before kids (she can't remember that far back!!!) . her sister, the embroiderer, talked her into trying it. the bohemian had never been much of a hand sewer... but she did this project just to prove she could. so this one goes on the advent banner... and this adorable little nativity was made for her by a dear friend. the driftwood is from one of their favorite washington beaches. this one she keeps out all year long... and here is a collection of minis from costa rica... she has many more she will drag out as the month rolls along. she is wishing you your very favorite things of the holiday season. may you find the wrapping paper of your dreams and the perfect gift for that loved one who has everything! and don't forget to put on XM Holly for the best music for the season. the bohemian's favorite christmas song: carol of the bells by the trans siberian orchestra. this one you have to turn up LOUD!! it makes her spirit soar everytime she hears it. hope you hear your favorites today and that your spirit soars...

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  1. That little embroidered nativity is so cute!
    I still have two pieces left from a tiny nativity I had as a child - I LOVED that thing and I don't know what happened to the rest but I'm hanging onto the pieces I've still got. :)

    My brother was invited by his girlfriend to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra last year and he was so bummed about having to go listen to music and I kept trying to tell him he would like it but he wouldn't believe me. After the concert he was all "awesome!" this and "awesome!" that. It was quite a fun "I told you so" :D