Monday, February 1, 2010

did you ever want to be someone else? just for a day?

are you tired of our bohemian's re-treating? hope not! the new day dawned...the bohemian was up and into the shower. this was the view that greeted her from the upstairs bathroom window of the dorm!!! so she ran for her camera (quietly...late night sleep-ins were still in dreamland...) and snapped the picture through the window... ooooo! it got better.... the day came like fire over the edge of the world. this HAS to be a good omen! yep... it was dress-up day. oh, what creatures visited the hollywood awards night!! there were fairies of all kinds... silent movie screen divas... mousecateers... (yep, we all knew the words to the M-I-C-K-E-Y song!) then guess who showed up in her spider web arm warmers... and her striped legs and lacy black whirly-twirly skirt? she had a ratherlarge ring on her evil hand... it bodes no good... if she opens it, out will spring poison!!! oh relax... she just kept chocolate in there. what?! her chocolate's all gone?! look out! run away! uh oh, she cackling.... did you guess it was the wicked witch? not the flat pancake one, of course. the one who covets dorothy's lovely red sparkly shoes! isn't dress up fun?! austin thought so too. may your days be filled with playfulness! dress up, if you like that kind of thing. it's fun to be someone else, but just for a very short time. hope you love the skin you're in!! cackle if you feel like's kinda fun. and do it LOUD!!! and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

1 comment:

  1. i love love love to pretend i am someone else by dressing up, oh yes!!!
    (and sometimes in the real world too, te-hee!)
    you look awesome!
    and i am so happy you are having all of this fun, great for you!
    please don't stop!
    soul hugs