Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good day, sunshine...

yes, it has been rainy lately but the last two days have been glorious!!! they begin with misty, moisty mornings... then beautiful spring weather. of course, the bohemian was shocked this morning to discover it had dipped down to 26 degrees! it has been keeping to the 50s. but it seemed damp rather than frosted... the bohemian has been wandering in blogland, trying to find inspiring and challenging blogs... her muse has been a little absent-minded lately. this black page was inspired by a michelle ward challenge: "come over to the dark side". yes, that little girl is the bohemian. yes, she has red-winged blackbirds in her neck of the woods. yes, some day she WOULD like to learn to dance some latin-type dances. another try at the challenge: 'braving the elements" (michelle ward). this is the beginning of the layers. now where to next...? another faerie for her faerie book... the hopeful faerie. a much-needed muse right now... the bohemian-townie-hipster daughter created a bunch of these sweet little cupcakes made out of old sweaters!!! aren't they adorable? this one is a wild blueberry cupcake, looking good enough to eat... yummmmmmyyyy! matchbook card valentines for la familia... (these were so fun to make!!!) put in pics of the parental units to remind them of what they looked like:).... the beginnings of a cover for an altered book... hurray for upholstery fabric sampler book gleanings... and another breath-taking glimpse of her bohemian mountain as the sun begins its sinking of the day... crispy sunshiny wishes to everyone. take time to make art!!


  1. That misty mountain photo is beautiful! Well all your mountain photos are beautiful, but still. :)

    Those Valentines are so neat! I did one little Valentine craft this year and that was IT.

    I have really been enjoying the sunshine. And I spotted a red-wing blackbird yesterday when I was seeing how many millions of weeds were sprouting in my flowerbeds.

  2. I love Michelle Ward challenges! she is awesome and a very geneorus and talented soul.
    i love your pages my dear Shari!

  3. Very sweet valentines...well done!