Thursday, February 25, 2010

total randomness....

weather in bohemia today: rain, fog, sunshine, snow on the foothills, rain, sunshine, repeat randomly throughout the day... the bohemian's weekend was spent inside the sports' dome watching the state wrestling tournament. about 10 hours for 2 days in a row. yes indeed, sore bum!! $3.oo waters?! well... our school girls' team took 4th place and my daughter took 4th place. about 500 athletes gathered there, boys and girls. it was inpressive. she pinned her opponent... a sadness: remember this mask the bohemian painted? it fell from the wall and broke into pieces. sigh. get out the super glue, but it will never be the same... a glad thing: the forsythia is blooming out!!! come on, spring!! another glad thing: new clay creations to play in the paint with... and a start in my altered book for the RR. the left-hand side page did not turn out this way. the bohemian was not satisfied with it and kept changing it. she'll post the final results later. and the cute gloves she found... well, that picture just disappeared. so maybe she'll post that later too. lovely spring rain+sun=rainbow wishes to all...


  1. "Rain, sunshine and repeat" Haha! ;)
    I remember trying to practice for softball one day and it hailed, rained and shined sun on us in a 30 minute period. Spring weather is always so interesting.

    Congratulations to your daughter! What a great job!

    And your forsythia is beautiful! Mine has lots of buds but isn't as bloomed out as yours.

  2. I had a lovely stroll through your blog, a truly joyful experience

  3. Pretty photos! Bummer about your mask...hate it when something we love is damaged. Maybe you can alter it in some cool way now?

  4. hi there shari! just doing some catch up on your blog. hey, did you notice the post from darly at libby buttons? i'm a tad worried. hm?

  5. I love your journal!!!!
    the pages are super di duper!
    thank you so much for posting your lovely heartfelt pages
    thank YOU!