Monday, March 1, 2010

moments of art in a daily life...

this little cherub is a page i did for a friend's round robin book with an angel theme... i just want to hug him!!! the background is one of those faux encaustic wax backgrounds i made at the craft retreat. the yellow is much more brilliant but my camera didn't play along... look at these lovely gloves i found!!! they make me smile just wearing them! our winter has been so mild that there hasn't been much need for gloves, but i just have to wear these little bits of art... just 'cuz.... and this is how my left-hand page of my round robin journal FINALLY turned out. i kept hardly anything from the one i was trying to plan out. but playing with paper dolls is always fun, fun, fun... that's the artsy fun in one slice of my daily life. here's wishing you all many, many days filled with joyful, artsy FUN in your every day living. i'd love to hear how YOU make your day fun-filled. (does is always start with coffee, like mine? )


  1. Shari!
    Nice work on all the round robins!
    I can't wait to get my hands on all these canvas journals!
    Love those gloves too!

  2. my morning started out with pumpkin spice coffee and it was free :-) how's that for a good start.
    Love the pages. Can't wait to play in your book.

  3. so great, coloring outside the lines is fun indeed! I can't wait to spend some time art journaling this weekend for our Round Robin.

  4. Oh yes, coffee coffee COFFEE! And love those gloves...might have to embroider something similar onto a pair of my own!

  5. These are fantastic pages. I especially like the "freedom" page.
    My day starts with a fresh brewed glass of ice tea with a twist of lemon snuggled into my comfy chair!

  6. what a beautiful journal! how fun to just sit and create. i start my mornings with tea most of the time. caffeine unfortunately is not my friend. i think that will change as i get a bit older - fingers crossed! i wanted to thank you for mentioning my little Oreo cat on my blog. you know he was my beloved kitty, and when anyone mentions him it just brings him to life for me. not that he isn't always in my heart every day, but when someone comments from the "outside" it just warms my heart even more. so thank you, shari. that was so sweet of you... hugs, robin