Saturday, March 27, 2010

where in the world has she been?!

well... for one thing, she ran off to the beach again... a little get-away to the islands with a dear friend who she doesn't get to see often enough. it was just what the doctor ordered... beach art soothes her soul. she fell in love with this orange/yellow rock but left it behind on the beach for others who come after her to love... the last thing she saw as she caught the ferry boat home was this lovely whimsical dragon guarding the library. the days have been rainy and dark. she slapped grey paint on these journal pages to match her dark mood. but then her gaze fell upon her rosy-colored glasses... so she laid a layer of gloss on the left-hand page to make it shiny, wrote in a favorite quote, and smiled. for the right-hand page, she put down images that made her smile: henna hands with a cross symbolizing hope; bright yellow raincoats waiting for the perfect day to be worn; a child who knows how to enjoy rain and mud puddles; and another quote that makes her smile: "Once you're wet, it doesn't matter how much more you get rained on..." a truth to live by. another place she found herself: an east indian restaurant. she indulged herself with lovely roti, and a taste of many spices foreign to her tongue but oh so intriguing. she reminisced with her friend about her trip to trinidad and tobago, where the east influence on the food was strong, and roti was one of the bohemian's favorite tastes there.... such a pleasure of sight/sound/and tastes... she spent many satisfied hours in her art room, creating... she created a "green page", symbolizing a few of the pleasures that make up the "banquet" of her life. she created her "children's" cards for her stamping exchange group. kites are one of her favorite things, they make her heart soar right along with the lovely kite colors and dancing kite strings. so those are a few of the things the bohemian has bee up to lately. she sincerely wishes fresh spring flower-scented goodness to you all... keep those rosy-colored glasses nearby and count those blessings, one by one...


  1. Oh, such self-control to leave rocks behind! I always bring too many home...greedy, I guess! Lovely photo of the beach treasures!

  2. what gorgeous rocks just laying on the beach! so pretty. what a beautiful getaway you had! :o) trips to the beach with good friends is the best...