Monday, March 15, 2010

no rain, no rainbows... or: choosing the rosy-colored glasses

finally... a slow day. a day to NOT go anywhere!!! a day of rest. a day halfway in between winter and spring... not raining, not exactly sunny but not totally cloudy, either... when i DO have to travel into town, i am usually blessed by gorgeous views; of my mountains, of cloud shows, of sunsets, of the ocean... the snow has been lingering just up on the foothills, contrary to MY wishes for spring to be fully here!!! but, living in the northwest means spring brings a lot of rain. so i'm stuck halfway between wishing and complaining... hmmm. i choose... WISHING!!! BOY, AM I BLESSED!!! two more pages for my friends RR angel book. she has both fairies and angels in her book so i did both, also, as both do make me smile... LOOK! i'm smiling right now!!! finally, my exchange group cards are done. i added some bling... hard to tell from the photo but there are rhinestones (faux). and i added homemade envelopes...(that is a magazine page, believe it or not... gorgeous, no?!)one of my trips to town involved playing (naturally!!!) and my daughter and i went into her favorite shop to browse... ( i'd like one of each, please!!! including this fab chandelier!!!) (in case i haven't mentioned it a dozen times or so... i LOVE paper dolls! how cool to hang them from the chandelier!!!) all this changing weather has brought many lovely evening skies... i remind myself: no clouds, no sunset colors!! no rain, no rainbow! may you have lovely silver linings to every dark cloud in your future.... sparkly, multicolored raindrop wishes to you all... go now and PLAY!!! p.s. yesterday was a wonderful treat for me!! i LOVE all things gypsy... everything about their culture fascinates me. i kinda hoped my parents WOULD sell me to the gypsies sometimes (did your parents ever threaten that?)... i reveled in the pleasure yesterday of meeting a lovely couple who did actually run off and join the gypsies!! yes, i was a bit jealous... what a delight to meet them...


  1. Hi Shari,
    The pages in the angel RR book are very pretty. Is that the Art Saves RR or a different one?
    Beautiful views you have there.
    Your mention of gypsies just made me think how fun it would be to do a gypsy art trade.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog...they make my day!