Monday, March 8, 2010

is it winter or spring?!

the bohemian is so happy...things are blooming out!! it's spring!! it's spring!! this bush is just buzzing with bumblebees doing their happy jobs... she is working on her " in-honor-of -spring" card for her stamping group exchange... outside her window a spring shower is falling softly... WAIT!!!! WHAT is that solid stuff in among the rain drops?! no. it can't be... but listen to the weatherman. he is calling for... NOOOOO!! did he say...SNOW?! BUT... it's march now! and things are blooming out and the world is soooo ready for spring! and the sun's been shining and the temps have gotten up into 60 degrees! and this forsythia is definately saying...shouting... that it's spring!!!! okay. yes, the trees are still a bit winter-bare... BUT! but... but.... yes, it DID snow on the foothills yesterday. yes, it DID snow on the bohemian as she was out driving this morning. BUT!!! (stamps foot here and the pouty lip sticks out...) HUGE SIGH... and so our bohemian will find spring joy in creating. and take her own advice: to seek sunlight, the spiritual kind. and read whatever makes her heart sing... and watch the birds fly. and LIVE!!! and not save her favorite things for a special occasion because BEING ALIVE IS the SPECIAL OCCASION!!! hope today brings much JOY, SUNSHINE (the spiritual AND the physical kind), and LAUGHTER to your beautiful day...

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  1. As always, lovely photos...crazy winter weather this year, I think (not where I live, but we have had a lot of much-needed rain). I admire your constant creativity!