Monday, February 8, 2010

hawk feathers and handmade envelopes...

hawk feathers, soaking in bleach... serendipitous find in an open field... drying now, on a chair beside the woodstove. gorgeous natural colors, soft and silky... now, to turn them into altered art... the bohemian sat in a gym all day saturday to watch her youngest wrestle the very tall girl beside her... notice she is standing down one step but still taller than the bohemian's daughter, who won first place in sub-regionals. 2 more weekends to go: regionals and state. the bohemian took her friend's class in BACKGROUND PAPERS at her retreat in Jan. this first picture shows marbling done with shaving cream. beauteous, no? here are faux encaustic wax papers (actually, crayons on a hot iron... it's too bad you can't see the metallic and glitter of the crayons!) the bohemian soooo loves bubbles! these were made by blowing inky soap bubbles and swiping them onto the paper ... FUN AND BEAUTIFUL!!! now to turn them into collages... friday the bohemian's mom came over and they made envelopes from calendar pages and magazine pages... wouldn't you just LOVE to get sent a letter in one of these?! swoon... the colors made the bohemian unable to stop smiling! and, at last...time to put away the snowmen. here they sit in their pile, waiting to go back into their boxes. sad, sad, sad... see you next year, happy snowmen ( and women)! it's raining AND sunshining right now. and you know what THAT means! gotta go look for the rainbow! happy heart and valentine wishes to everyone!


  1. Shari, they're lovely (hate to think about the hawk's unfortunate demise, but that's nature, right?)! In fact, last year I was enjoying a warm spring day, light breeze, sitting in my garden. Birds were tweeting, all was bucolic. Suddenly, from nowhere, a big Cooper's hawk swooped down and grabbed a little wren in its talons and flew off, with the little bird's mate frantically flying behind it. Mother Nature...

  2. Hi Shari,

    LOVE your blog - thanks for becoming a Kindred Spirit at Create With Joy - you have some gorgeous photographs posted! I am looking forward to reading and exploring more of your blog!

    My boys would SO love to get a hold of those feathers...

    Ramona :-)

  3. those background papers are GORGEOUS!