Monday, September 7, 2009

almost fall...

it's almost fall... leaves are turning, some are even falling! pumpkins are growing in the garden, corn is ripe, nuts are falling, squirrels are hoarding. today was gorgeous but only 65 degrees. checking on the pumpkins, i saw that the leaves are beginning to curl at the edges. it won't be long now till they die off, revealing lovely orange pumpkins... lovely miss vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist, has me getting excited for halloween coming. i think i have even seen a few ghosties... this is a time-traveling picture of my cottage. it's really a picture of a picture someone took many, many years ago in the fall, back when the willow trees in the far left corner where still small enough that you could see the house from the road. nowadays you can't. but i love the ghostly quality of this picture.
and this wonderful black cat crosses my path many times every day and i love him dearly. but let's pretend he's a spooky harbinger of halloween to come... and let's say you found a frilly, crazy quilt of a black lace skirt...wouldn't you just HAVE to HAVE it?!!
and what if a friend just happened to gift you with some black lacy tights...wouldn't you just WANT to wear them with a frilly crazy quilt of a black skirt?! i mean, WOULDN'T YOU?!
this is just too lovely to not wear to all the gala parties this season. black satin and lace... mmmmmmmmm..
so just be prepared to see some spectre flitting past just outside your peripheral vision someday soon as the long days of september edge down toward october... but relax. it'll only be just little ol' me... tee hee hee...
where did i put my broom? i need to sweep/dance to some gypsy music... wishing all the loveliness of fall to descend on you and bless your lacey socks off.


  1. Wow, I love the frilly and lacy frilliness and laciness (those tights are fab!). So pretty...and jealous here about the pumpkins. I've tried but have never succeeded; my friend down the street has a whole little patch of them in her side yard.