Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains."-John Muir the morning sky greeted the bohemian with wild exuberance and she smiled and soaked the magnificence up into her soul...
she saw again upon her windowsill the wonderfully magical and complex creation of her young friend... saw and was amazed even still. paper folding... what a wonder!
and passing on through the royal dining room, her mask collection upon the wall caught her eye and made her smile.
the glorious green and blue feathered one.
and the molded leather one from Haiti.
and the porcelain mardi gras one from New Orleans.
and the green man mask she had painted.
and the black/white faced mask she had painted.
and the joker mask she had created with tissue paper and glue (the magic comes when you combine the two elements!)
What is her thing about masks? she doesn't really know... they just really have a magnetism about them which she can't ignore. there are just these certain things that call out to her spirit and catch and hold her attention... bubbles, for example. fragile and beautiful, floating away and bursting into little pops of joy. anything that floats on the wind, actually. balloons, kites, dandelion seeds, birds, clouds, hot air balloons, flags and banners, flapping and dancing in the breeze. there is surely some scientific or psychiatric explanation of this phenomenon but our bohemian knows... it's just simple magic.
hope your day is filled with an abundance of simple magic...


  1. What a great collection of masks, I have a couple, and love them!
    We should get together when I travel to Seattle and I want to see your place it does look heavenly.
    Have a wonderful wednesday!

  2. carmen, i would LOVE to get together with you when you travel to seattle! keep me posted!