Thursday, September 3, 2009

the weather sprite in bohemia is in a MOOD today. one second it is dark and gloomy and yes, even raining. then next second, the sun peeks out and it gets all golden and warm... then a minute later, back to dark gloom. our bohemian washed her jammies and put them out on the clothesline to dry... hmmm... any bets? the bohemian has worn her "resident artist hat" this week and has been "playing with paper dolls". here is an example:
this paper doll fairy has no name as of yet. the bohemian made her with someone in mind, so the ideas are percolating...
the magical playmate came out to play today but alas, our bohemian had lots of mundane chores to do. so the magical playmate joined in and made it so much more fun! isn't it always more fun WITH someone than alone?, that is. our bohemian actually finds PLAYING alone quite fun and satisfying.
chore #1: folding clothes.
chore # 2: sweeping.
off they went to the kitchen, where there was much work to be done. the magical playmate visited with the bohemian's fairy in the bottle, which lovely carmen the mermaid had made her (visit her blog, Writing From Life, there on the side bar...), whilst our bohemian danced with her broom to the music and the dust bunnies scampered for cover.
chore #3: baking.
the bohemian wanted to turn some over-ripe bananas into tasty muffins, so the magical playmate studied the spell (recipe) to see how to do it and what ingredients were needed. sweetest honey and the bohemian's harvested hazelnuts were called for, as were eggs of the chicken and grated peel of lemon.
soon, tasty muffins appeared from out of the magic oven and at once, the bohemian and the magical playmate sat down to enjoy them...
they were interrupted by that evil device, the cell phone. the playmate fielded the call and asked them to call at a more convenient time (never)...(unless it's a dearest friend, then of course...anytime is convenient. well, almost... but i digress...).
wi wi, mon cheri! but of course there was coffee to go with the tasty banana muffins!!
chore #4: preservation.
next on our bohemian's list was the job of getting the giant zucchini into a more manageable state and then hide it away in the royal freezer, to be made into warm, delicious zucchini bread during the long, dark winter months ahead...
yes, folks, all from just one zucchini!!!
whew! time for a break...
wishing you all: rewards for your labor and fun for your spirit and a lovely day, no matter WHAT the weather's mood is turning out to be.


  1. Wow, what a busy day you had. I have days like that where I feel very proud of myself for getting so much done...then the next day I seem to only be able to shower and feed myself and walk the dog! And that is a LOT of zucchini, my dear. Wow.

    Keep on foziewisping! It's good for the soul!

  2. I'm laughing at the freezer bags "all from one zuchinni" - been there, done that!
    I'm embarrassed to ask, afraid it's gonna be one of those "duh" moments but, uhm, do we know each other in some other online way? I noticed you've been leaving comments on my blog (which I LOVE comments btw, thank you, kiss kiss!) but at first I thought you were another Shari I know and now I see, you are not! So, maybe we know each other in some other online connection, or maybe you just stumbled upon me? I do that too. It seems we have a lot in common. I also homeschooled for many years. Reading, writing, nature, etc. I've been so absent in the blogging community lately, soooo busy, but I sure hope to pop back in again.

  3. zucchini bread? yum!!!
    that pink fairy made me smile.
    I am at home too
    playing a little but now i think it is time for a nap.