Friday, September 18, 2009

up in the sky, down on the ground

interesting sky in bohemia this morning... is it a handprint with way too many fingers?!
from a tiny cute baby.... a bigger round pumpkin. now. if it will just turn ORANGE!!!
don't forget to notice the sky art. and all the treasures of nature on the ground...
pumpkin wishes to everyone...


  1. OMG!!!
    those clouds had an amazing thing to show us!
    thank you sweet bohemian and hugs, too

  2. the pumpkins. I tried to grow them once, unsuccessfully, but my friend down the street has a whole little patch of them! Love the autumn (though here in SoCal Sept. and Oct. are often our hottest months, go figure). (Ha! My verification "word" was just "catfably"--love it!)

  3. I came earlier this week and notice you haven't been here sharing your precious soul and today i come again and now i am just hoping that you are just busy with life and everything is okay with you, are you healthy, yes? i have been SOOOO busy at work, no time to share nothing in my blog but i can't wait for tonight to write or just share a picture,
    i leave you now to go back to work.
    please know i am thinking of you and your wellbeing,