Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's another gratitude list kind of day...

my beloved bohemian mountain with its new-fallen snow. winter is certainly encroaching... today is windy and rainy. the raindrops are beading up and rolling down my windows. the gusts of wind are blowing the last of the leaves from the trees surrounding my cottage. but i have my memories. and my pictures. to help me remember what a wonderful fall we have had. and the sunrises have been Unexpectedly Lovely (see brandi reynold's blog...she a Joy Rebel! click on the joy rebel button on the top right-hand corner of my blog page) *here i must apologize... the Unexpectedly Lovely is from Molly the Pirate's blog: A Bit O' Shine. sorry, molly! both blogs are worth visiting, if you haven't discovered them for yourself! no matter how tired i am when i roll out of my warm, cozy bed, when i glimpse these lovely sunrisings, i have to rejoice in being alive and having the eyes to see. my life has been so blessed! here is a short list of things i am so thankful for at this very minute: * my friendships with my mother and my sister * my ever so awesome Honey * things that make me laugh (that's a lot of things! i laugh easily. and i LOVE to laugh!!!) * finding new blog friends * having the time to create and craft * coffee! oh yeah! i guess if i want to keep this short list short, i need to stop SOMEWHERE... here. i'll stop here. there's just so much to be thankful for, big and small. hope you make your list today. and then ENJOY all the blessing of today! DO IT TODAY! coziness-in-the-midst-of-storms-wishes to you today...


  1. your list is so inspiring!
    i promise you i will make mine real soon, even that work keeps me so busy these past days, still i am so grateful for my secure and always there paycheck to cover my neccesities and art and craft supplies
    hugs to you!

  2. silly me! this Unexpected Lovely was from molly the pirate!!! i'm so easily confused!!! sorry molly!

  3. Beautiful snowy mountain...what a joy to see THAT every day!