Monday, November 16, 2009

whoo hoo!!! it's a new day!

i MUST share the sunset on my bohemian mountains the other night... isn't it gorgeous? the sun actually sets in the opposite direction but casts a rosy glow on the mountains... sometime, at sunset, they look like rosy, transparent glass... ooooooh! pretty! yes, my batch of tags have their fibers and are OFFICIALLY finished! i LOVE what the fiber does for the overall effect. yesssssss..... and one more book for the silent auction: a motorcycle book... we have lots of motorcycles riders in our family. they're gonna love this! my boys love to ride up in the hills, over trails and through mud and places i would close my eyes to see them going. the stories are always exciting but my "MOM" voice in my head is usually having a heart attack over what they do... but i would sooo rather they have lives lived to the utmost fullest than safe and boring, unlived lives... so what's a mom to do? JUST DON'T LOOK!!!!! hope your life is full of adventure and risks and lived like there's no tomorrow. happy-to-be-alive wishes to you all....


  1. yes, don't look
    motorcycles scared me too!
    your tags and books are adorable

  2. Wow, you have been busy! I'm supposed to do a craft show in December and have yet to make anything since life's been a bit unsettled. Gorgeous mountain photos, as usual!