Wednesday, November 25, 2009

she just had to yell out loud: WOW!!!

our sick-of-being-sick bohemian arose this morning with the sniffles which radpidly escalated into the whole free-flowing faucet thing. but then she caught a glimpse out her kitchen window, while hovering over the coffee pot... oooooooo! color and light!!! she ran quickly out the front door, camera in hand, bare feet on ice cold brick... (what's that you say, My Honey? i'm not in my right mind? at least i'm not in my PJs!!) fire in the sky! suddenly her mood had nothing to do with how she felt, only what she was amazed to see. she smiled (albeit a tad drippily) to herself as she picked up her paint brush in her craft room and glanced out the window there... Yep! it's gonna be a grand day in bohemia!!! (see the lovely snowfall on her bohemian mountain?!? that makes her smile, too.)


  1. Very happy thanksgiving day to my favorite boho lady!
    and hugs sweet soul!

  2. Wow, so lovely...I'm generally still asleep when she sky looks like this here (I probably couldn't see it anyway since my view to the east is blocked by buildings). Makes me want to get up and hike somewhere where I could see it. Gorgeous. Feel better (I have a cold, too, ugh).