Monday, November 23, 2009

taking a few sick days...

my bohemia is a rather distant memory at the moment. the weather here is typical northwest november: rain, hail, wind, sunbreak, hail, rain, pounding wind storm, buckets of rain, thunderbolts and lightning (very, very frightening), raining cats and dogs, snow creeping down the foothills toward my front yard... add to that my 4th(! yes, that's right...4th!!!) bout with the evil nasty flu bug. my imagination and creative juices are rather dampened by this unwelcome turn of events... but! THIS TOO SHALL PASS! and i will back soon. love and thanksgiving wishes to all... make that gratitude list and check it twice. i know. i'll make mine too. you all will be right up there on my list...

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  1. Sorry you're under the, too! Husband has an injured knee, and in Urgent Care we both picked up some respiratory thing. Yuck!

    To your question: this variety of persimmon can be eaten like an apple...they are crispy and sort a cross between an asian pear and a melon, if that makes sense. Not too sweet. We eat them in salads, mostly. There is another variety, Hachiya, that you leave to ripen unti it gets all mooshy/smooshy, and then you can bake delicious breada and puddings with it. Yum!