Tuesday, October 27, 2009

put on the party lights and dance...

on a dreary friday afternoon in a nearby country, the bohemian got a creative assignment finished up to her satisfaction. the "challenge" was "your choice". the bohemian would FAR rather be given an actual challenge than such a general, uninspiring subject. but she had these cards laying around from ages ago, so she decided to use them. six of them, one for each member of her stamping exchange group...she had been saving this particular piece of paper for something special and liked it so much against the background of this cardstock color. it just seemed to say halloween... her sister had the punches: corner cobweb, black cat, leaves; also the cobweb stamp. the sparkly pumpkin was a new stamp the bohemian had just newly acquired and was wanting to USE. the right-hand side is perforated and tears off to become a bookmark. fun, huh? so yea! a mission accomplished... (don't know why this card pic looks so purple...actual color is better in above pictures...) and then, on this dreary day, what else was there to do but.... put on the party lights and dance!! there, that's better. hope you have party lights to cheer those dark, dreary days. let it shine!

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  1. How very lovely! I could have used those today...too dark to even take photos for my Etsy shop.