Tuesday, October 20, 2009

spooky beauty

in bohemia today... traces of spookiness. the bohemian daughter's witch hat. gothic arches in shades of spooky grey. black cat: "okay already, with the photos and the witch's black cat thing..." once again, the bohemian traveled to the wayside rest area and spent the weekend serving coffee to the weary travelers. she left her cottage home in her stormy and rainy valley driving very carefully through the pouring rain and the standing water on the dark roadway. rest stop coffee was sounding so enticing after white knuckle driving... but lo and behold, once out of the valley, the sunshine was attempting to drive away the dark clouds and rain! sunshine prevailed for awhile before the darkness came and, with it, more rain. but as always she enjoyed the conversations with travelers from all parts of the globe before traveling back to the dark rainy valley. the next day, she caught all kinds of signs of autumn around her cottage... remember her peaceful summer bower? look what autumn has done to her gorgeous sheltering green tree!! sigh. she especially loves the nature collages she finds everywhere. here, her ginkgo leaves that were so recently dancing and shimmying, now lie fading into the grass, having been dashed from their stems by the autumn wind... and her sunny yellow summer flowers' stems are wearing the winter death-yellow. a ghost cat has come to live around the edges of her cottage. no matter that he's so cute she wants to cuddle him... he doesn't trust her one bit. but he WILL eat the cat food along with her cats... and last but not least by any means: HALLOWEEN SOCKS!!!! aren't they just for SMILING?! the bohemian wishes the best of the season to everyone... leaf-pile-burning incense; vibrant color feasts for the eyes; impish jack'o'lantern smiles; and lots and lots of cute costumed monster smiles and laughs... happy halloween!


  1. Wow, just gorgeous...I miss fall (not complaining, I love SoCal, but still!).

  2. omg!
    you work in a coffee place, i once did too and love it!
    i think it was the best job i have ever had!
    and yes to everything you said!
    and your pictures are fantastic~

    hugs!!! muchos!

  3. czrmen... i actually don't work at a coffee place. i handed out free coffee at a highway rest stop. it's a fundraiser. the coffee is free but ask for a donation to pay for the homemade cookies and all the fancy coffee stuff we add... we use the money to go on mission trips to other countries, where we build buildings, play with kids at orphanages, and such. it is very fun to hand out coffee and visit people from all over the world, as we are on the way from seattle to vancouver, b.c.(canada).