Sunday, October 25, 2009

this new day dawning...

when the bohmeian awoke, not ready for the day, she took one look out her window and her attitude was immediately adjusted! dawn rising over the bohemain mountain... spectacular!!! the bohemian sky was a jubilant song, a dance with wild abandon... gladness burst in her bohemian heart at the realization of what a gift it was just to be alive on such a day... lunch at a tiny cafe: homemade french toast with real maple syrup and a long conversation with her sister. lovely. the above picture is of an old advertising sign on the outside of this tiny cafe. dekalb was the married name of her great aunt. this brand name apparently belongs to a corn product but this sign always makes her smile... created: a halloween gift box... ooooh! spooky! created: pages in a friend's altered round robin book, themed "lighthouses". wish for you: that the dawning of each day brings glorious sunrises and lots of time for creating...

1 comment:

  1. thank you for my wish from you, and here wishing it comes tru everyday.
    Soul hugs!
    and God bless you