Monday, October 12, 2009

she was too busy creating to be bothered by dust bunnies...

the bohemian's pumpkins got frost on their cheeks this morning. but her "indoor" jack is smiling big-time because HE is toasty warm and not frosted... the bohemian has been creating some books for a silent auction. this is the one themed "family". she sincerely apologises for the out-of-focus look to them... she also created one themed "sisters"... two mini plaques for christmas presents... and a spooky shot for halloween: wishing you many happy leaf fallings and frolicy fun halloweenings...


  1. Wow, how very busy you've been! I admire that...I just started knitting Christmas stockings, so I'm in a crafty mode myself.

  2. love LOVE those hearts!
    hugs sweet you!