Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures." -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

the bohemian is today mourning the turn of the weather. it's true the day is warmer than the last, glorious, frosted mornings but with the warmer temperature comes clouds and dark days and, yes, rain. so today she turns her thoughts toward the small pleasures of her days, which pleasures she truly has in abundance. small pleasure #1: as always, her bohemian mountains small pleasure #2: brilliant fall colors small pleasure #3: her happy scarecrow (and ALL the fall decorations) small pleasure #4: holiday craft shows small pleasure #5: sky art (more angel wings) small pleasure #6: COLORS!!! this particular example of riotous color happens to be the bohemian daughter's african sarong, the most beautiful one the bohemian has ever seen. such a small portion of the pleasures of the bohemian's world. she hopes you'll make your own list and smile over it all day long... happy pleasure hunting!!!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous sky! We don't seem to get angel wings down here...and aren't fall craft/antique shows loads of fun?! It's best when you have to drive out into the "country" to go to it, then have hot cider and pie on the way back!

  2. your city is adorable, you lucky you!
    and love that sky!