Wednesday, October 7, 2009

while she was away...

the bohemian was so glad to be back after being briefly stranded in reality. she would so rather be in her imaginary land of bohemia where everything is just like she wants it. but while she was gone... the blueberry bushes turned color! wow! and she was visited by angels... see the wings? and the weather turned cold and fires once again appeared in the trusty wood stove... every traveler who comes into the bohemian's cottage always cosies up to that stove!!! the bohemian mountains were looking rather bare... but were caught in a wet and wild storm... which dumped a light dusting of snow on its peaks. then melted as fast as it had come... and the decorating faeries came and began making the bohemian's house look like autumn was finally here!! scarecrows and pumpkins appeared everywhere in every conceivable nook and corner... along with curling leaves and bright fall colors... a pumpkin kid came around to guard the garden-fresh tomatoes from those nasty ol' lady bugs (actually, japanese beetles... "they don't belong in the house!" was our bohemian's whiny and repetitive lament...) jolly old jack pumpkin grinned his silly grin until our bohemian just HAD to grin back... and little black scaredy-cat hid from the giant dust bunnies (what do you MEAN dust bunnies aren't halloween decorations?!?!) happy fall fun to all... and may you have many pumpkin wishes and warm squash dishes...


  1. dust bunnies are fine with me ;-)
    glad to see you back! yay!!!
    and all ready for halloween

  2. cute, cute, cute Halloween decorations!