Saturday, May 9, 2009

bohemian sunshine

oh, oh, oh! It's magic...hmm. Reminds me of a song. But the magic is: (drumroll, please...) It is sunshining in Reality AND Bohemia today. That sooo makes me happy. I am having technical difficulties with my blog. I feel like an old dog learning new tricks...posting pictures sideways or not at all or in the wrong place... In Bohemia, that should not happen. Something is amiss in my fair Bohemia! My magic wand must be on the fritz. And where is my fairy dust? And my fairy godmother? None-the-less, I did have a wonderful morning in Bohemia! I searched for fairies in the garden underneath the songbird cafe (yard work); I plucked lucky flowers to adorn the vase (say "vahhhzzz") in my sunny kitchen window; I threw evil spellbinder thornbushes into the burning firepit of my Prince Charming's woodcutting arena; AND I lounged around in said arena WITH Mr. Prince Charming Himself drinking iced tea and flirting... It was all so very lovely. Meanwhile, back in the resident artist's studio, said artist actually cleaned in there this morning! What do you mean you can't tell what was cleaned up?! Projects looming on the artist's horizon: a mask for an artist friend, 2 pages in a round-robin altered art book, one set of cards for the card stamping exchange group, and some more cleaning...tomorrow, perhaps. But for now, may I wish you a beautiful, sunshiny, full-of-family day Mother's day...

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