Monday, May 4, 2009

the adventures of jenna, the grand-dog

What wild imaginings have gone on today, she wonders quietly to herself. It is cloudy and cool. She thinks perhaps she can pretend she is at the ocean. It is just a light dusting of ocean fog on the way to burning itself out and letting the warm sun burst through... She is in love with the color yellow that the sun wears. And besides...she needs her vitamin D dose for the day!Jenna, her grand-dog, has gone on a walk with an "aunty". What do you suppose they have discovered in their ramblings through the neighborhood? On any given day, there are squirrels to chase and flowers to sniff and friends to greet. But best of all is when Jennna finds proof of fairie trails. Then, even the Grand-person gets excited, and though the Grand-person doesn't wiggle her behind quite the way Jenna does, secretly in her wild heart she would like to. The wild imaginings wander off into the plans that she has hatched for an outdoor room. She has "outdoor room" envy. While she plans to make a cozy nook for herself, with books and tea cups and satin beaded pillows, she wonders if it will survive her damp, cool corner of the country. Sigh. So now she has started up this blog space that she must keep up. There are so many things to learn about blogging. She hopes you will bear with her beginning ramblings with patience. And as the days unfold, she will introduce you to the other eccentric beings who live in her world.

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