Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mountain moods

today's mountain mood: blue and gentle....
bleeding hearts by the wishing well wishing for love and sunshine...
is there sunshine and love in your life today? i hope so!

* enfolding hugs

* squeezy cuddles

* rumbly purrs of fuzzy kittens

* spoken words of affection

* loving gestures : flower bouquets, handmade cards, cookie baking, etc.

* hand-holding

* contagious laughter

* sharing a meal together

find evidence of these and savor every tidbit...

and LOOK! here i have found evidence of fairies in my yard! some artsy fairy has adorned the shed in the back yard with imaginative beings!!! some day i WILL catch those fairies at their mischief and get pictures to show you. I WILL. you wait. i will.

farewells to all. till next time...

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