Tuesday, May 12, 2009

s#n@o*w... a 4 letter word!

sunshine is pouring in my window... after the snowfall on the hills beside my home this morning, frozen toes and fingers, rain running in rivulets down my picture windows, it seems that now Spring is trying to come back... i think you can, i think you can... bohemian ecstasy: hot, creamy coffee in my happy orange favorite mug * warm, cozy wood stove fire* fuzzy green socks* A Fanciful Twist blog visit * slathering paint on the daily journal book * deep red amaryllis blooms * a robin's birdsong to awaken by * frogsong to lull me into slumber * the "orange room" * fuzzy kittens to cuddle * a nice, warm My Honey to cuddle up to * a nimble mental workout (scrabble) * a warm, dry dungeon for a workout session rather than having to be outside in the nasty, wintry weather * things that make me smile and laugh * friends and family connections by every means ( letters, Facebook, e-mail, cell phone, texting, etc....) * prayers answered * anticipation of a timely women's retreat in rhododendron heaven * naptimes * love * hope there's ecstacy in your world today...

1 comment:

  1. Did you say, s, s, s, ssssssnow? Send some down, it is 105' here!!! ;)