Wednesday, May 6, 2009

stormy weather

so. frustrations are running high in my bohemia today. i labored over my blog yesterday and then, whilest trying to load pictures for you to enjoy, the whole blog disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. sigh. and then today. can't seem to figure out how to put pictures on my blog. sigh. thusly, there will, alas, be only wordy words today. big sigh. it is a dreary weather day in bohemia today. rain... purple clouds...wind gusts blowing the blossoms off of my trees...cold enough to need a fire in the woodstove... whoa! what is all this drizzley whining i hear? in my bohemia, it is supposed to be the way i want it to be! well... time for an attitude adjustment! with my kids, we used to play this game: negative words mean you have to say 5 positive things immediately when you are cought. so shari, quick! say 5 GOOD about your life at this moment: *nice warm house *my deep red amaryllis in bloom *COFFEE in my favorite mug *yummy smoothie for breakfast *fuzzy warm socks (the ones with snowflakes on 'em!) things in my bohemia that do not mind the stormy weather: *the sparrow at the feeder *the twitter-pated robin banging himself against my craft room window *the trees and blossoms ballroom dancing in the wind *the tiny kittens snoozing in a fuzzy pile *jazzy music joyfully filling my home hmmm... i feel better already! hope you all have a grrrreeaaatttt day, no matter what the weather.

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