Friday, May 29, 2009

dance of the buttercups

there is a joyful rendezvous happening nearby my country cottage... buttercups by the thousands have arrived and are dancing and partying everywhere! they are just so happy to be alive! and Yellow! who wouldn't want to be Yellow?! if this bohemian could choose her own skin color, she would choose sunny yellow, or maybe copper, or maybe even metallic navy blue, or some kind of pumpkin orange... like the letters of my morning pages journal cover:
this is my daily journal that i play in...not every day. i'm admittedly bad at "daily" routines.
but i TRY to play in it a little every day.
this page was inspired by a pile of plastic bowls in these joyful colors... hence the bubbly, round shapes, also. (did i mention how i love bubbles?) and then the quote:
i LOVE quotes!
i collect quotes.
i try to use them in everything i create.
my favorite quote is one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's: "All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients."
i love to find my thoughts spelled out in other people's words. and i love to see other people's humor...
make me laugh, i'll adore you forever...
here, a november page that expressed how i felt time was rushing past me:
(trying to deal with all the stresses of life... i love my imaginative places to play and escape for awhile. my bohemian bubble brings me joy and laughter.
meanwhile, back in bohemia... the mountain's mood today is... wistful. doesn't it seem wistful to you? maybe this bohemian's mood matches her mountain's mood today.
i leave you with this thought: are we dancing like buttercups, just glad to be alive? i feel a mood coming on....i better get outside and start dancing.....

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