Monday, June 1, 2009

life's blessings

aaahhhhh... is there any more soothing first thing in the morning than a nice mug of hot java? how do you start your morning? i have coffee. then i play a game of scrabble with a friend. after which, we work out in her basement while watching travel shows and pretending we are really THERE. today we were in french polynesia with anthony bourdain. tropical paradise... that is truly a blessing of life: palm trees, the murmur of the surf, sandy beaches, fresh pineapple juice running down your arm... don't you feel refreshed? the resident artist finally got the mask done she had promises to her friend! YES, she was very happy with how it turned out!! one project down, a few still to go...
another blessing of this bohemian's! and, as this bohemian has a black thumb which few plants survive, almost ALL the flowers this bohemian enjoys are due to My Honey's grandmother's green thumb. she planted flowers all around the cottage when she and the grandfather lived here. and so, i am blessed to have a kitchen windowsill as gorgeous as this with flowers galore... mmmmmm. blessings on the grandmothers' gardening hands.
the bohemian mountain's mood today: shy... wouldn't you agree? and still i am awed by its beauty. and i feel so extravagantly blessed to have this view daily.
and this bouquet is for you, full of beauty and visual glory and smelling like heaven...

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