Saturday, June 6, 2009

a salty tale

one very, very hot day in bohemia, the bohemian decided that what was needed was a trip to the nearby beach... so with beach box, flip flops, camera, and beach treasure baggies in hand, she collected her two delightful daughters about her and off they went...
she had always LOVED the rock collages she found by the ocean's edge. this day was no exception. isn't it truly lovely?
one of her morning pages expressed her obsession of the ocean and its shore...
her gypsy daughter brought along her parasol to protect her from the blazing summer sun...
it provided JUST enough shade to keep the gypsy daughter cool and comfy. and she got many compliments from the other beach wanderers...
and the not-so eccentric daughter and the boyfriend found the beach oh so romantic. where is more romantic than the seashore?!
the duckling family was also enjoying the cool waters of the bay, as were the avid sailors out in their sailboats.
but, alas, beach romp came to a close. and the bohemian's "shadow was sad when" she "took it from the sands of the gleaming beach"... richard wright's words. but of course the medicinal sunshine, salt water, and ocean air had completely revived the bohemian by then. aahhhhhh...
These are the pages that i created for my fellow stamp group friends' humming bird altered round robin book. the words say: humming bird wisdom:
* sip the sweet moments
* let your true colors shine through
* don't get your feathers ruffled over little things
* just wing it
* take yourself lightly
* keep your visits short and sweet
great wisdom, huh? think i'll try to practice these this week. i'll let you know how it goes...

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