Thursday, June 11, 2009

visitation of the fairies

spending the day with fairies was exactly what the bohemian had wanted to do today. so she was so thrilled when she found the pink fairy who invited her to come into the garden... once in the garden, she found all kinds of fairies playing. there was the sweetest little pink and yellow fairy laughing with delight at a fluttery pink and yellow butterfly. and another little pink fairy playing with dandelions and sharing secrets with her royal bear... she also enncountered a fairy queen. and her little dog, too..
a young and sweetly innocent fairy whispered magic secrets into her ear but as they were under a magical spell, she couldn't remember any of them later...
then a rather impatiently impolite fairy told her she had to leave the garden as the gates were closing at dusk.
the bohemian stole away and told no one of her day in the enchanted garden with the fairies because her own faimly was unsure about her sanity already. but deep in the night when she was awakened by the haunting whistle of the train passing by, her memories made her smile her way back into slumberland. and what do you know?! some of the fairies she had met that very day were there to meet her!!
the bohemian says: don't forget to look for the fairies and don't let anyone tell you there aren't any. because those of us who have seen them know better.
P.S. the child fairies were created as pop-up cards for my stamping exchange group. they wanted to be born, because the minute i started to create, here they all came...
P.P.S. again i humbly and profusely apologise for the blurriness of the photos. unless, of course, i could talk you into believing that your eyes are blurry... no? well then...sorry.

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  1. what a lovely view from your country cottage! welcome to the blogosphere! your blog is beautiful, and i love the theme. i see you like A Fanciful Twist. Isn't Ms. V. the best?! ... and yes, i think you can prove a theory by having the outcome happen just once, e.g. foot fat travels north. ha! have a wonderful day --robin