Tuesday, June 2, 2009

black cat's frolicy adventures

one warm sunny morning, black cat awoke suddenly. the sun was already high above the bohemian mountain majesty. the mountain's mood seemed playful that day. black cat decided it was an absolutely perfect day for a frolic. he knew that to frolic meant to make merry. it meant to play about happily and have fun. it meant to have a gleeful romp... so off he trotted. "what kind of mischief can i get into?" he thought. for awhile he held onto his magic grass stem and schemed.
"what i really need," he thought," is accomplices!" so off he gambolled to find his kitten friends.
but they were snoozing and lazing about. and besides that, they didn't want to get in any trouble with the mama. so they politely declined to participate.
next he checked at the songbird cafe to see if any of his bird friends were dining out there. but the cafe wasn't even open! it was deserted, as you can see.
so black cat went back to his magic stem. of course, he took the long and scenic way back around the house. his grandfather had often admonished him to always take the scenic route and always go back a different way than the way he had taken to get there, the reason being that you saw more magical sights that way!
black cat chewed on that awhile, while he chewed on his magic grass stem.
not a thing happened except that he got hot and cranky in the noonday sun. so off he stalked to hide under his favorite pink rhodie bush to cool down and pout about being comrade-less.
by an by, he grew refreshed and bored. and he left on a hunting trip. he arrived back to his home with lovely yumminess for lunch and dined under purple rhodie and then took a nap.
may there be many frolicy adventures in your day today. take time to play. and never go back the same way you came so you don't miss out on any magical moments.

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