Tuesday, June 30, 2009


what a fun day our bohemian had!! it was one of those sparkly bright days in the emerald city... the sunlight danced on the water of the bay and reflected off the glass buildings of the city. she saw the glistening, white shining arches of the science playground: while 600 feet up above the city, visitors took advantage of the chance to view the city from a bird's perspective:
and the bohemian and friend dined on halibut and chicken waldorf salad while the scenery flowed past their window:
far below the stately tower, visitors and citizens alike gazed up in awe:
as the bohemian friends drifted back toward the ground, they could see the twin stadiums in the distance:
it was a fabulous day in the emerald city... but this was not ALL the wondrous things the bohemian saw on this adventurous day there. maybe she will show you more tomorrow...
happy wishes to all and hoping for a very merry adventure tomorrow for everyone...

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  1. Nice shots of Seattle! Yes, I do have a button, um, shall we say "problem"? I do use them in crafts, but I also tend to hoard the ones I like! I also have several lifetimes' worth of ribbon, ric-rac, vintage cooking pamphlets, and old greeting cards! And I have a patient husband!